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Comp 6 (0-00-08-24)


Making a New short film

Making a new short film, it’s called “Spirit of the Woods”.  It’s about three friends that visit Sham Castle and get sent to a dimension, where in the woods a ghost hunts them for there soul.     Related posts: Hunted short film clip Triple Cross Short Film The Stiff Goodbye Short Film Sham Castle

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Hour Glass with Newton and Element3D

The Newton plug-in was used to create the grains of sand falling down. The Hour Glass was made up of simple objects and repeated masks in Element 3D.   Related posts: Some Animations with Newton Bug bounce Three Leaderboard Animations Happy New Year

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Bug bounce

Bugs bouncing around into a container using the Newton plugin for Adobe After Effects.  Element 3D was used to create the bugs.   Related posts: Some Animations with Newton Showreel 5 Happy New Year Gamepad Morph Animation

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Showreel 5

This is my 5th Showreel and includes clips from –     Personal projects     Short film     Future Pro Wrestling (FPW) (DVD menu animation)     This is Progress (Wrestler entrance animations). Software used – Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Photoshop.  Plugins used -Trapcode Plugins and Element 3D 3D models that are not …

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Trapcode Tao Tunnels

The tunnels are made with the Tao circle and the repeater.  Different textures and changes to the fractal deform to create different looking tunnels.  The camera and the lights are offset and parented to a centre null. Related posts: Trapcode Tao Gloop Trapcode Tao Fractal Animation Trapcode Tao Snail Trapcode Tao Octopus

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Inflating Logo

Inflating Logo using Trapcode Tao with animated Tao lights with a small amount of fractal displacement.  RedGiant Universe Glo Fi was used for the Designs word of the logo.   Related posts: Retro Logo Animation Trapcode Tao Gloop Logo Tech Reveal Fat Logo with Trapcode Tao

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