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The Stiff Goodbye Short Film

A short film made a few years ago.  Upscaled to 720p, also adjusted the contrast and added a soft glow to add to the film noir look. Synopsis: A case of mistaken identity, a murder,a dame.  Archibald (Michael Johnston) is your average, well-dressed pizza delivery boy, until he meets the woman of his dreams (Zoe Chapman), and …

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Triple Cross Short Film

Short film Triple Cross made a few years ago.  I’ve added a shot that at the time I couldn’t do, also some colour correction and improved the sniper scope shot.  The end credits have also been changed a bit and the whole film is now upscaled to  720p.  I would of liked to have redone a few more things …

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Logo Tech Reveal

Tech reveal built in Element 3D using items from the Motion Design Pack 2 and animated in After Effects.  The sound effects are from Motion Pulse and RGB Displacement from Red Giant Universe was used for the glitch. Related posts: Reactor Assembly Logo Reveal Robot with Element 3Dv2 Animated Coat Of Arms

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Robot with Element 3Dv2

A robot created in After Effects with the Element 3Dv2 plugin and the Motion Design 2 Pack.  Taking inspiration from Short Circuit and Wall-E, I used elements from the Motion Design 2 Pack which I duplicated and scaled until it looked right.  The whole robot is on just one Group with all the animation being …

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