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Spirograph with Trapcode Tao sm

Spirograph with Trapcode Tao

I applied the Spirograph expression from Dan Eddbert’s site Motionscript.com to the position of a Tao light and played about with the values.  I also added some copies with the repeater for the last Spirograph. For more Spirograh watch the video Spirograph with Trapcode Particular which uses the same expression. . Related posts: Spirograph with …

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Slinky sm

Slinky Animation

Some more experimenting with Trapcode Tao.  This time using the circle shape with the first repeater to make and animate a slinky.   Related posts: Tao Twisted Circle Animation Trapcode Tao Flower Windmill Trapcode Tao Fractal Animation Experimenting with Trapcode Mir

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Some Saber Tests

Having some fun with the Saber plug-in, here are some first renders. Related posts: My First Renders with Element 3D Experimenting with Trapcode Mir Juice in a Can Merry Christmas

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Tao Twisted Circle sm

Tao Twisted Circle Animation

Another Trapcode Tao experiment.  A basic Tao circle was used as the main element with a twist applied.  A grid texture was added to the inner first circle to give a structure look to it. The particles are CC Particle World on a reversed pre-comp.   Related posts: Trapcode Tao Fractal Animation Trapcode Tao Flower …

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