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Showreel 3 Pics


Reactor Assembly

Arc Reactor Assembly animation created using Element 3D v2 and the Motion Design Pack 2. The Reactor model is made up of several elements from the Motion Design Pack 2 most of which are in one group. ¬†Textures were used from the Pro Shaders 2 pack and the sound design was done with Motion Pulse. …

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Puzzle Animation

Created in After Effects with the Element 3D 2 plugin, using Auto-Trace on a puzzle image to creat the masks to extrude from. Related posts: Gamepad Morph Animation Camera Iris Aperture Animation Mystical Sphere Ancient Logo Discovery

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GoPro Time Lapse Drive

Time lapse drive with the Gopro Hero 3+ Black Related posts: No related posts.

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The Chase

A Police car chase with Element 3D and the Metropolitan model pack, with a birds eye view of the chase kind of like the first Grand Theft Auto game. Related posts: Transitions with Element 3D Ancient Logo Discovery Animated Coat Of Arms Juice in a Can

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