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Wrestling Lines

I used the roto brush in After Effects to isolate the wrestlers, then opened the video in Photoshop and applied the Fractalius filter.  I then added some animated Trapcode 3D Stroke in After Effects to give the sequence something to start from.

DNA Animation

Here is a short animation of some blood cells and zooming in to reveal some DNA.  The DNA is made up of spheres and cylinders in Element 3D, I then used the Twist deform to twist them.  The Heat Distortion plugin was used to simulate being in liquid.

News Logo Animation

A News Logo Animation for the start of a fictional News Channel.  Created in After Effects using the Element 3Dv2 plugin.

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas from JEH Designs.  

Meteor crashing into water

This is a video clip I made of a meteor crashing into water.  I used Mocha AE to track the footage, which is from Videoblocks and multiple copies of Trapcode Particular for the meteor smoke trail.  Some clips from Action Essentials of water splashes were used for the impact, along with some shockwaves from the …

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter from JEH Designs. Download Free Egg OBJ file HERE – Eggs

FPW Reloaded 3.0 Trailer + What’s Occurring Eps

Here is the trailer for Future Pro Wrestling’s Reloaded 3.0 event which is on 9/2/14, plus the What’s Occurring Episodes. As the event theme is based on The Matrix films, Trapcode Particular was used a lot for the raining code.  I also used it as a custom texture for the future city buildings in Element …

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Merry Christmas (2013)

Merry Christmas from JEH Designs A quick light Christmas tree animation using – Centrum Optical Flares Trapcode – Particular, Shine, Starglow. Watch on Vimeo here.

FPW Trick or Treat 3 Trailer

This is the trailer for Future Pro Wrestling’s next event – Trick or Treat 3. It was a bit rushed and I would of liked to have added some extra bits but didn’t have the time.  It still looks ok and has a Halloween feel to it. The names of the wrestlers sequence was created …

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E4 E sting Competition Entry

This is my entry to the E4 E sting Competition 2013.  E4 Savings The Piggy Bank was modeled and animated in 3DS Max and reactor was used to simulate the pieces falling.  After Effects was used to composite an ambient occlusion pass for small shadows and to add additional elements, including extra small pieces with Trapcode Particular. …

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