MINI BOND: A View Too Short

Bond is back mini Bond, that is.

As the British secret services most secret (and most diminutive) agent undertakes what could be his most dangerous mission, the forces of evil are hell bent on throwing everything they have into the battle to outwit him.

Mini Bond (Jason Bishop) is thrust once more into the arena of international espionage as he confronts his oldest enemy.

Deep in his sanctuary Dr Fingerfeld (Clayton Everett) commands his hordes of fanatical followers (Evan Everett, Sam Chapman, Tarran Smart & Daniel Chappell) to capture Bond.

With only minutes to spare before Fingerfeld unleashes nuclear Armageddon on the world, 007 will need all his guile and cunning to foil the most hideous plans ever set in motion…

Whatever happens, the only thing we can be sure of is:
Mini Bond will return or will he?Mini Bond DVD