Tutorials for creating things I’ve created in my own projects using After Effects.













FREE Simple Web Preset






Unfolding Box Tutorial in After Effects







Unfolding Box Tutorial using Element3D






Letters and Numbers with Trapcode Tao

Avengers Tesseract Cube

This is my first tutorial, and I show you how I created a Tesseract Cube inspired by the Avengers film. 3rd Party Plugins that are used – Trapcode Form 2 Optical Flares (Optional – Plane space)  Watch on Vimeo here

Transitions with Element 3D

Here is a tutorial for creating transitions with Element 3D in After Effects.  The effect is based on a tutorial that Greyscalegorilla did for creating the Discovery Channel transition effect with Cinema 4D and After Effects.  This tutorial uses Element 3D instead of Cinema 4D. I recommend watching both parts of Greyscalegorilla’s tutorials to get …

FREE Simple Web Preset

Here is a preset to create a simple web.  It’s not realistic but could be used for motion graphics or something.  No 3rd party effects are used. Once you have downloaded and unzipped the file, put the preset file in your presets folder (Program Files-Adobe-After Effects-Support Files-Presets). The preset was created in After Effects CC …

Unfolding Box Tutorial in After Effects

In this tutorial I show you how to create a unfolding box animation. No plugins are used just AE 3D solids. After Effects project file with box already made download HERE

Unfolding Box Tutorial using Element3D

In this tutorial I show you how to create a unfolding box animation using the Element3D plugin. Element3D preset for already made box. Also includes an OBJ file. Just import the .e3d file into Element3d otherwise the sides wont be individual – Download HERE

Letters and Numbers Project File

You can download the project file for my Letters and Numbers Animated Text HERE. You will need the plug-in Trapcode Tao. You can buy Trapcode Tao from RedGiant.com they also offer a free trial of the plug-in. Download project file here Here is a walkthrough of the project file –