Graffiti Animation

The graffiti animation was created using the AutoFill plugin for After Effects. I used a preset of AutoFill and adjusted some settings, then placed the animation onto some tracked footage of a wall.

Sci-Fi Corridor Animation

Sci-Fi Corridor animation of a spaceship. I made this a while ago and thought it was time I uploaded it. Made with Element 3D in After Effects, using the Motion Design packs.

Star Wars Crawl In Real Life!

Clear enough sky today to see the Star Wars crawl! Just a quick video for May the 4th!

May the 4th be with you.

Sliced Logo Animation

Sliced logo animation made in After Effects with the Element3D plug-in. Logo was sliced up using masks for each piece and extruded as separate parts.

2023 to 2024 Happy New Year

Mixamo was used for the figure animation and model. The numbers were created with Element3D along with some animation.

Happy New Year.

Happy Christmas 2023

The dancing Santa is a 3D model from Pond5. Animation is done using Mixamo and rendered in Element3D with After Effects. The background images of the cabin and the interior are generated using Adobe Firefly. I separated the foreground trees and the cabin, then offset their position in 3D space to give a sense of depth and movement. Trapcode Particular was used for the smoke out of the chimney, the snow and the stars on the Happy Christmas.

Happy Christmas

FootBall Pitch at Peasedown St. John

A short video of the football pitch at Peasedown St. John. Filmed with my drone last year over a couple of days. As I’m still new to drone flying I wanted to film something that would help me become more comfortable with certain shots. As no one was on the pitch it became a useful focal point. Because I filmed over a couple of days and at different times, the footage does suffer from grain and slight differences in colour, but I think it still turned out ok.

Sci-Fi Box Animation

A Sci Fi box animation created in After Effects with Element 3D. A multi object cub animating between another multi object cube and then back again, using the animation engine in Element 3D.

2022 to 2023 Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Animation made with Element 3D in Adobe After Effects.

Happy Christmas 2022

Made with 3D text layers and masked 3D slices. JEH logo was made in Element3D.