2021 to 2022 Happy New Year

Happy New Year. Made with Element 3D, CC Mr Mercury, a Disintegration effect and the Puppet Tool.

Happy Christmas 2021

Made with the Saber plugin and morphing masks.

First Few Drone Flights

This video contains clips from my first few flights with the DJI Mini 2 Drone. It’s a fun and easy to fly little drone, but I’m still getting used to it. I’m trying not to worry about if it’s a good shot or if it’s properly exposed at the moment, I’m focusing more on controlling the drone and attempting to fly smoothly.

Even though these clips are from my first few flights I am pleased how they turned out and look forward to more flying.

Animated Lego Rendered with Studio and After Effects

The Lego models were built and animated in Studio from BrickLink, then rendered. Additional animation was done in After Effects, like the bats flapping wings. Trapcode Particular was used to make the cloud of Bats.

The build up animation for the Ae file logo and Dracula was done automatically in Studio.

10 Years of JEHDesigns.com

I’ve now had the website www.jehdesigns.com for 10 years! Doesn’t time fly?!

2020 to 2021

Getting rid of 2020!

Animation was created in Adobe After Effects with the Element 3D plugin.

Lets hope things get better in 2021.

Happy Christmas 2020

The tree was made with Trapcode Echo Space, the presents were made in Element3D and animated with key frames generated from Newton2. The Happy Christmas was animated with Trapcode Tao. Background elements were created with Trapcode Particular.

Animated Text with Trapcode Tao

Starting with the Arial font I traced each letter with a point light to create a path for the Trapcode Tao plug-in. Each letter and number has it’s own comp, so I could drag the letters into another comp to create words. Duplicating the letters and offsetting them I time-reverse the layers to create a write on and write off effect. Each letter and number has a bit of a twist so they don’t look too flat.

You can download the project file for my Letters and Numbers Animated Text HERE.

You will need the plug-in Trapcode Tao. You can buy Trapcode Tao from RedGiant.com they also offer a free trial of the plug-in.

Lego Spirit of the Woods Moc!

I thought it would be fun to try and create the characters from my short film Spirit of the Woods in Lego.

It was fun trying to source the parts for the figures that best resembled what the characters were wearing in the film. Some parts are custom printed Lego as I couldn’t find an ideal official piece.

I then thought it would be fun to make some box art that could be sets for the film. Created in Photoshop and After Effects. One is just the group of figures and the other is some figures in front of a castle from an old set that I still have.

Circle Rings Digital Doodle

A collection of animations all using a ring as a shape replicator for different objects to drive the animation. A repeating rotation of the objects is what is animated.

Made in Adobe After Effects with the Element3D plug-in.