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Showreel 5

This is my 5th Showreel and includes clips from –     Personal projects     Short film     Future Pro Wrestling (FPW) (DVD menu animation)     This is Progress (Wrestler entrance animations). Software used – Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Photoshop.  Plugins used -Trapcode Plugins and Element 3D 3D models that are not …

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My 100th Video on YouTube

This is my 100th Video uploaded to YouTube.   My first video I uploaded was the Mini Bond short film in 2009, which has so far been viewed 1,403 times. My top 5 most viewed videos so far are – 1 – Avengers Tesseract Cube Tutorial 2 – Element 3D Transitions Tutorial 3 – Lights …

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Goodbye FPW

Goodbye FPW, it’s been fun and creative.  Steve, Matt, and Lee Thank you.   From the Facebook page –  Future pro wrestling Thank you and goodnight. As most of you know we had to cancel our October 29th show due to personal circumstances affecting one of us that would have made running the show impossible. …

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FPW Reloaded 3.0 Trailer + What’s Occurring Eps

Here is the trailer for Future Pro Wrestling’s Reloaded 3.0 event which is on 9/2/14, plus the What’s Occurring Episodes. As the event theme is based on The Matrix films, Trapcode Particular was used a lot for the raining code.  I also used it as a custom texture for the future city buildings in Element …

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Some of My Favourite Things on JEH Designs in 2013

The 1st video of 2013 was Juice in a can.  An animation for a fake juice drink, which was fun to create and has one of my favourite bits of animation with the fruit going into the can and exploding. In 2013 I made my 2nd tutorial – Element 3D Transitions.  It was fun to make …

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FPW Trick or Treat 3 Trailer

This is the trailer for Future Pro Wrestling’s next event – Trick or Treat 3. It was a bit rushed and I would of liked to have added some extra bits but didn’t have the time.  It still looks ok and has a Halloween feel to it. The names of the wrestlers sequence was created …

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JEH Designs Showreel 3

This is my 3rd Showreel and includes clips from –     Personal projects     Short films     E4 Esting competition entry     Future Pro Wrestling (FPW) trailers. Software used After Effects, and 3D Studio Max. Watch on Vimeo here.

Future Pro Wrestling Schools In Trailer

Here is the trailer for the next Future Pro Wrestling event “Schools In” I found some old footage of a class room watching an instruction film, some footage of  wrestling at the New York Athletic Club in 1905, so I decided to put the two together and base the trailer around them. For more information …

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Future Pro Wrestling Logo Animations

A collection of animations for the Future Pro Wrestling logo over the years.  From the very first to the most recent all are different in their own way.  Looking at the earlier ones it has been a learning process and I’ve been able to experiment with a few things, some of which didn’t work out the …

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FPW Summertime Brawl 3 Trailer

Here is the trailer for Future Pro Wrestling’s Summertime Brawl 3 event on July 7th at Wallinton Hall. I tried several ideas for the trailer but a lot of them didn’t seem to work or didn’t look right.  So I ended up using the number 3 as a simple theme which seemed to work.  There …

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