Some of My Favourite Things on JEH Designs in 2013


The 1st video of 2013 was Juice in a can.  An animation for a fake juice drink, which was fun to create and has one of my favourite bits of animation with the fruit going into the can and exploding.

In 2013 I made my 2nd tutorial – Element 3D Transitions.  It was fun to make and still getting views so I hope it’s helping those who watch it.

Apps Fall – was my first time using Reactor to simulate falling app pieces.

2013 had a few trailers for Future Pro Wrestling (FPW) which I tried to make each one different from the last, they also contain some of my favourite logo animations.  With a new event in early 2014 I look forward to making a new trailer that will be entertaining to watch and encourage people to go to the event.

E4 ran a new Esting competition in 2013 which I entered but unfortunately didn’t win, but was still pleased with what I made.

I finally got round to making a clip from the short film Hunted which was filmed ages ago!  Maybe in 2014 I can finish the whole short film.

2013 wasn’t just animation I did make some still pictures too.

Birthday CakeGameClockCassette Tape Future City

Crash Landing







VHS TapeJEH Glass

















One of the last videos I uploaded in 2013 was my 3rd Showreel.

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

2014 001

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