Tag: Holomatrix

Logo Tech Reveal

Tech reveal built in Element 3D using items from the Motion Design Pack 2 and animated in After Effects.  The sound effects are from Motion Pulse and RGB Displacement from Red Giant Universe was used for the glitch.

Reactor Assembly

Arc Reactor Assembly animation created using Element 3D v2 and the Motion Design Pack 2. The Reactor model is made up of several elements from the Motion Design Pack 2 most of which are in one group.  Textures were used from the Pro Shaders 2 pack and the sound design was done with Motion Pulse. …

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Continuum Hand Interface

This effect is inspired by the hand interface seen on the TV show Continuum, the VFX on the show are created by Artifex Studios.  I saw the effect on the pilot episode of Continuum and since then wanted to have a go at recreating it myself.  I used Mocha for AE to track the hand and …

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