Triple Cross DVD

In a grey and sullen backwater of this sceptred isle, two rival gangs are about to make a deal that will make somebody very happy – and make somebody very dead!  The Chavs and the Suits are in a continual territorial war for supremacy.  But when the Suits leaders (Adam Collier & Clayton Everett) make a secret deal with the Chav bosses (Jimmy Wright & Dan Chappell), anything could happen.  Throw into the mix a hidden hit-man (Evan Everett) and you end up with a recipe for mayhem!  Triple Cross won Best Special Effects OSFC 2009

Here is a unused shot from the film.  It wasn’t used due to time, and not knowing how to complete the effect.  I decided to go back to the shot as I wanted to see if I could now do the effect.  The finished shot is more or less what I had planned for it originally, minus a couple of things.  I’m not sure it would now fit in with the rest of the film, but was nice to revisit it.

Watch on Vimeo Here.