Future Pro Wrestling Logo Animations

A collection of animations for the Future Pro Wrestling logo over the years.  From the very first to the most recent all are different in their own way.  Looking at the earlier ones it has been a learning process and I’ve been able to experiment with a few things, some of which didn’t work out the way I had hoped but still fitted in with the rest of the animation.  The ones that stick out as some of my favorites are the transforming of the WarZone, the Reloaded 2.0 that resembles something out of Prometheus! the FPW with the ring rotating, and the FPW Champion with the belt.  If I was to redo some of them I would make adjustments but I could do that forever, instead something to learn from for the next animation.

For more information about Future Pro Wrestling you can visit www.fpwuk.com

Watch on Vimeo Here

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