Future Pro Wrestling Event 1 Match 3

Future Pro Wrestling Event 1 Match 3

The Bhangra Knights
Mark Haskins
Marty Scurll
Sir Thomas
Phil Ward
Kid Pride
Andy Boy Simmonz
Jimmy Havoc
Da Big Jay Dizzle James Dahmer
Jonny Storm

FPW crew..
Liv and the FPW Staff who we could not have put the show together without.
Nate for being a star on the night setup wise.
The guys from A Place in Space comic book store who jumped in on the door.

Farron for the awesome ring

James Wylde
“Wylde style disco”

Mags and Trish
FPW photography

Jon Hooper
Video Camera
JEH Designs

Simon Price

Matt “the voice of FPW” Burden

Steve “Heavy D ” Evans

Lee Elmer

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