FPW Halloween Teaser

FPW TRICK or TREAT is on October 28th at Wallington Hall

Showreel 1

This is my 1st Showreel and includes clips from –

  • Personal projects

  • Short films

  • Future Pro Wrestling (FPW) trailers.

Software used After Effects, and 3D Studio Max.

Watch on Vimeo Here


I tried to recreate the titles from the 1st Terminator film but with my web
address as the background text.

FPW Summertime Brawl Trailer

Future Pro Wrestling Event Montage

Future Pro Wrestling Event Montage from May 7th 2011.

Special mentions in the ring go to.. The Tag Match …The Bhangra Knights, Mark Haskins and Marty Scurll put on the Match of the Night,
Sir Thomas and Andy Boy Simmonz put on a British wrestling masterclass and who could forget Jimmy Havoc vs Da Big Jay Dizzle James Dahmer
in what was an encounter of the extreme variety.
Of course the Main Event of the evening triple threat Bagheera vs Jonny Storm vs Snare had the fans scared,happy and excited at the same time..

FPW crew.. Liv and the FPW Staff who we could not have put the show together without. Nate for being a star on the night setup wise.
The guys from A Place in Space comic book store who jumped in on the door..good job!

Farron for the awesome ring…

James Wylde of “Wylde style disco” for putting on the awesome lighting/lazers/smoke and music

Mags and Trish for the FPW photography….

Jon Hooper for the filming and pure awesomeness of his trailers!

Simon Price for the Artwork

Matt “the voice of FPW” Burden

Steve “Heavy D ” Evans

Lee Elmer

Future Pro Wrestling Trailer 2

Trailer 2 for the Wrestling event on May 7th at Wallington.

Future Pro Wrestling Trailer

TRON 1.2

My first attempt at Tron.