Slinky Animation

Some more experimenting with Trapcode Tao.  This time using the circle shape with the first repeater to make and animate a slinky.


Some Saber Tests

Having some fun with the Saber plug-in, here are some first renders.


Tao Twisted Circle Animation

Another Trapcode Tao experiment.  A basic Tao circle was used as the main element with a twist applied.  A grid texture was added to the inner first circle to give a structure look to it. The particles are CC Particle World on a reversed pre-comp.


Trapcode Tao Fractal Animation

Here’s another Trapcode Tao animation.  This one is just using a Tao Fractal repeated a couple of times with a circuit texture applied.

Trapcode Tao Flower Windmill

Playing about with Trapcode Tao, starting with a simple circle shape and ended up with something that looks like a flower windmill.  I used the effect Radio Waves with  Colorama as an animated texture.

Happy New Year

Have a great 2016.


Merry Christmas Animations

Merry Christmas.

Animations made with Element 3D, Trapcode Particular and Trapcode Tao.

Fat Logo with Trapcode Tao

My first render from playing around with Trapcode Tao and masks of my logo.  The final result kind of looks like the logo has put on some weight!

Animated Digital Doodles

Here are some animated digital doodles.  I started with images that I made in Amberlight, animated them and distorted them in After Effects using effects like Flo motion, ripples and I also added some Trapcode Particular, Form, Mir and Starglow as well.

Time Movies The List

TimeList Title

As it was Back to the Future day this week I decided to make a list of movies that are about time travel.  The list contains movies that have characters travelling through time (Back to the Future, The Time Machine, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure), but I also included movies that have characters that can see the future (Minority Report, Next), along with ones that have people frozen in some way and waking up in the future (Demolition Man, Forever Young, Mannequin).  I also included time loop movies (Groundhog Day, 12:01, Edge of Tomorrow) and movies that have characters that seem to dream themselves through time (Somewhere in Time, A Young Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court).  I’ve probably missed some but those can always go on a Part 2 List sometime! Hope you enjoy the list.The List 01