Tag: Logo Animation

Knock Knock Who’s There

I wanted to do an animation with a wrecking ball so I decided to use the Knock Knock joke as a starting point.  I didn’t try to make it funny and there wasn’t going to be a punch line, I just wanted a starting point to base the animation on. Watch on Vimeo here.

Industrial Logo

Industrial Logo animation with gears in After Effects using Element 3D. Watch on Vimeo here.

Paradox78 Animation

A short logo animation. Watch on Vimeo here.

Batman Logo

A short Batman logo transition. Watch on Vimeo Here.


This is my 2nd Showreel and includes clips from – Personal projects Short films Solent IDocs European Uppercut Future Pro Wrestling (FPW) trailers. Software used After Effects, and 3D Studio Max. Watch on Vimeo Here.

The Feral One Logo