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10 Years of

I’ve now had the website for 10 years! Doesn’t time fly?!

Animated Digital Doodles

Here are some animated digital doodles.  I started with images that I made in Amberlight, animated them and distorted them in After Effects using effects like Flo motion, ripples and I also added some Trapcode Particular, Form, Mir and Starglow as well.

Time Movies The List

As it was Back to the Future day this week I decided to make a list of movies that are about time travel.  The list contains movies that have characters travelling through time (Back to the Future, The Time Machine, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure), but I also included movies that have characters that can …

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JEH Designs 2 Years old

JEH Designs is now 2 years old.  When I started the site I didn’t think I was going to have enough content to post, but I think I’ve proven myself wrong.  From personal projects to short films, Future Pro Wrestling trailers/matches, and logos for various things.  I’ve had something to put up on the site, and …

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Some Animated Gifs


Playing about with Denoiser II from RedGiant Software.

Playing about with Denoiser II from Red Giant Software. Trying out Denoiser II for the first time gives some impressive results.  Evan just applying the plug-in to the pic below without making any adjustments got rid of most of the noise. After applying Denoiser II I gave the pic a curves adjustment and added a …

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