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Triple Cross Short Film

Short film Triple Cross made a few years ago.  I’ve added a shot that at the time I couldn’t do, also some colour correction and improved the sniper scope shot.  The end credits have also been changed a bit and the whole film is now upscaled to  720p.  I would of liked to have redone a few more things …

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Logo Tech Reveal

Tech reveal built in Element 3D using items from the Motion Design Pack 2 and animated in After Effects.  The sound effects are from Motion Pulse and RGB Displacement from Red Giant Universe was used for the glitch.

Robot with Element 3Dv2

A robot created in After Effects with the Element 3Dv2 plugin and the Motion Design 2 Pack.  Taking inspiration from Short Circuit and Wall-E, I used elements from the Motion Design 2 Pack which I duplicated and scaled until it looked right.  The whole robot is on just one Group with all the animation being …

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News Logo Animation

A News Logo Animation for the start of a fictional News Channel.  Created in After Effects using the Element 3Dv2 plugin.

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas from JEH Designs.  

Reactor Assembly

Arc Reactor Assembly animation created using Element 3D v2 and the Motion Design Pack 2. The Reactor model is made up of several elements from the Motion Design Pack 2 most of which are in one group.  Textures were used from the Pro Shaders 2 pack and the sound design was done with Motion Pulse. …

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Puzzle Animation

Created in After Effects with the Element 3D 2 plugin, using Auto-Trace on a puzzle image to creat the masks to extrude from.

The Chase

A Police car chase with Element 3D and the Metropolitan model pack, with a birds eye view of the chase kind of like the first Grand Theft Auto game.

Logo Reveal

Here is a logo reveal created in Adobe After Effects and using Element 3D and Opitcal Flares.

Globe on fire

This was inspired by a fire pit I saw on Shipping Wars.  The globe is an extruded spline that has the bend modifier applied to it in 3DS Max, then exported as an OBJ file to be used in Element 3D.  I used several copies of the Element 3D layer as Z-depth passes to get …

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