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FPW Summertime Brawl 3 Trailer

Here is the trailer for Future Pro Wrestling’s Summertime Brawl 3 event on July 7th at Wallinton Hall. I tried several ideas for the trailer but a lot of them didn’t seem to work or didn’t look right.  So I ended up using the number 3 as a simple theme which seemed to work.  There …

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Experimenting with Element 3D and animated groups.  Not sure what I was going for so it’s basically an After Effects Doodle! Watch on Vimeo here

Logo in the rain

This animation was originally part of the recent Future Pro Wrestling Crowning Glory trailer, but due to some changes it didn’t fit with the rest of the trailer.  I liked the animation and didn’t want to delete it as it was no longer needed, so I put my JEH Designs logo in there instead and added …

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FPW Crowning Glory Trailer

Here is the trailer for Future Pro Wrestling’s Crowning Glory event on May 12th at Wallington Hall. The trailer was fun to put together although I did have to rush some elements and I had a few render problems some of which I couldn’t fix,  I also had to redesign some parts at the last minute, …

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Magical GPS Map

A short animation inspired by the marauders map from Harry Potter.  Using Trapcode Echospace for the footprints although I think they could also have been animated with Particular.  Also animated 3d layers for the unfolding map. Watch on Vimeo here.

Experimenting with Trapcode Mir

Here are some experiments with Trapcode Mir, other plugins used are Trapcode Particular, Trapcode Form, Element 3D, and Optical Flares. Trapcode Mir is a fun plugin, I hope to use it just as much as the other Trapcode plugins. Watch on Vimeo here.

New Tutorial Element 3D Transitions

A tutorial for creating transitions with Element 3D in After Effects.  The effect is based on a tutorial that Greyscalegorilla did for creating the Discovery Channel transition effect with Cinema 4D and After Effects.  This tutorial uses Element 3D instead of Cinema 4D. Watch the tutorial here.

Transitions with Element 3D

Based on Greyscalegorilla.com’s tutorial for creating the Discovery Channel rebrand cube transition effect, I wanted to see if I could create the effect in After Effects with Element 3D.  In the end I had to model the cubes outside of After Effects but that was all.  All the mattes, specular, and ambient occlusion was done with …

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Logo in chains

JEH Designs logo in chains.  I modeled two chain links in 3ds max and used Element 3D to replicate them into a full chain that would go around the logo.  The simple fence and padlock were also modeled in 3ds max and brought into Element 3D as OBJ files. Watch on Vimeo here.

JEH Designs 2 Years old

JEH Designs is now 2 years old.  When I started the site I didn’t think I was going to have enough content to post, but I think I’ve proven myself wrong.  From personal projects to short films, Future Pro Wrestling trailers/matches, and logos for various things.  I’ve had something to put up on the site, and …

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