Tag: Element 3D

Camera Iris Aperture Animation

Camera iris aperture with After Effects and Element 3D.  Watch on Vimeo here.

Paradox78 Animation

A short logo animation. Watch on Vimeo here.

FPW Trick or Treat 2 Trailer

Future Pro Wrestling Trick or Treat 2 on October 27th

Mystical Sphere

Here is a short animation I made in After Effects while experimenting with Element 3D.  I didn’t have an idea for the end result, just wanted to play about more with the plugin. Watch on Vimeo Here.

Triple Cross Unused Shot Revisited

Here is a unused shot from the short film Triple Cross.  It wasn’t used due to time, and not knowing how to complete the effect.  I decided to go back to the shot as I wanted to see if I could now do the effect.  The finished shot is more or less what I had …

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Three Leaderboard Animations

With it being the Olympics I decided to make some leaderboard animations, using Element 3D and simple OBJ objects.  Not sure why it ended up being a top 6 leaderboard, but that’s something that could be changed if needed. Watch on Vimeo Here

Batman Logo

A short Batman logo transition. Watch on Vimeo Here.

My First Renders with Element 3D

Here are some clips of my first renders with the Element 3D plugin. Watch on Vimeo Here