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New Showreel (Number 4)

This is my 4th Showreel and includes clips from –     Personal projects     Short films     Future Pro Wrestling (FPW)     This is Progress (Wrestler entrance animations). Software used – After Effects, and 3D Studio Max.  Plugins used -Trapcode Plugins and Element 3D  

Logo Tech Reveal

Tech reveal built in Element 3D using items from the Motion Design Pack 2 and animated in After Effects.  The sound effects are from Motion Pulse and RGB Displacement from Red Giant Universe was used for the glitch.

Logo Reveal

Here is a logo reveal created in Adobe After Effects and using Element 3D and Opitcal Flares.

Animated Coat Of Arms

Here is an animated coat of arms I put together for J.E.H. Designs, inspired by the one on the Dave tv channel.  3D elements were made in 3DS max and Element 3D. I also used some items from Rampant Design Tools Motion Designs pack and Text Backs for the background.  

Some of My Favourite Things on JEH Designs in 2013

The 1st video of 2013 was Juice in a can.  An animation for a fake juice drink, which was fun to create and has one of my favourite bits of animation with the fruit going into the can and exploding. In 2013 I made my 2nd tutorial – Element 3D Transitions.  It was fun to make …

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JEH Designs Showreel 3

This is my 3rd Showreel and includes clips from –     Personal projects     Short films     E4 Esting competition entry     Future Pro Wrestling (FPW) trailers. Software used After Effects, and 3D Studio Max. Watch on Vimeo here.

Ancient Logo Discovery

Ancient Logo Discovery animation modeled with Element 3D and 3DS Max.  The hieroglyph normal texture was created with Element 3D inside of After Effects.  Everything apart from the pillars was done with Element 3D which were modeled in 3DS Max.  I added some clips at the beginning and end from Rampant Design Tools – Film Clutter …

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Logo Cut Out Reveal

A quick animation using Element 3D and Autotrace to create a cut out of my logo, with Trapcode Particular for some dust. Watch on Vimeo here.

Apps Fall

Here is my first animation using Reactor in 3DS Max.   It was fun to animate with and I hope to use it more, along with the other things that can be done with Reactor.  I did want the bulldozer to be moved with Reactor but I couldn’t get the timing right so settled with …

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Logo in the rain

This animation was originally part of the recent Future Pro Wrestling Crowning Glory trailer, but due to some changes it didn’t fit with the rest of the trailer.  I liked the animation and didn’t want to delete it as it was no longer needed, so I put my JEH Designs logo in there instead and added …

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