Triple Cross Unused Shot Revisited

Here is a unused shot from the short film Triple Cross.  It wasn’t used due to time, and not knowing how to complete the effect.  I decided to go back to the shot as I wanted to see if I could now do the effect.  The finished shot is more or less what I had planned for it originally, minus a couple of things.  I’m not sure it would now fit in with the rest of the film, but was nice to revisit it.

Watch on Vimeo Here.

Three Leaderboard Animations

With it being the Olympics I decided to make some leaderboard animations, using Element 3D and simple OBJ objects.  Not sure why it ended up being a top 6 leaderboard, but that’s something that could be changed if needed.

Watch on Vimeo Here

Batman Logo

A short Batman logo transition.

Watch on Vimeo Here.

My First Renders with Element 3D

Here are some clips of my first renders with the Element 3D plugin.

Watch on Vimeo Here

FPW Summertime Brawl 2 Teaser

FPW Summertime Brawl 2 at Wallington Hall on 22nd July.


This is my 2nd Showreel and includes clips from –

  • Personal projects

  • Short films

  • Solent IDocs

  • European Uppercut

  • Future Pro Wrestling (FPW) trailers.

Software used After Effects, and 3D Studio Max.

Watch on Vimeo Here.

Popcorn animation

Popcorn animation with Trapcode Particular.

Watch on Vimeo Here.

Letter Animation Sequence

Letter Animation Sequence, showing what to do to post a letter.

Watch on Vimeo HERE.


A short animation using After Effects and Trapcode Particular.

Watch on Vimeo HERE.

The Avengers Tesseract Cube

This is my attempt at creating the Tesseract Cube from The Avengers film, using After Effects and Trapcode Form.

Watch on Vimeo HERE.

Watch a tutorial Here.