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Happy Easter

Happy Easter from JEH Designs. Download Free Egg OBJ file HERE – Eggs

The 20 Progress Wrestler Animations

Here are some stills of the 20 animations I did for This is Progress.  Each animation was designed for the wrestlers entrances and are only about 12 seconds long.  I wanted to make each one as different as I could.  Luckily the wrestlers either have their own theme or I could draw inspiration from their name …

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Some of My Favourite Things on JEH Designs in 2013

The 1st video of 2013 was Juice in a can.  An animation for a fake juice drink, which was fun to create and has one of my favourite bits of animation with the fruit going into the can and exploding. In 2013 I made my 2nd tutorial – Element 3D Transitions.  It was fun to make …

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New Tutorial Element 3D Transitions

A tutorial for creating transitions with Element 3D in After Effects.  The effect is based on a tutorial that Greyscalegorilla did for creating the Discovery Channel transition effect with Cinema 4D and After Effects.  This tutorial uses Element 3D instead of Cinema 4D. Watch the tutorial here.

FPW in Anaglyph 3D

Experimenting with Anaglyph 3D (red and cyan).  I decided to use  stills from some Future Pro Wrestling footage and convert them into anaglyph 3D to see how they would look,  I also did some 3D text as well.  I still need to experiment with the settings but I think the stills look ok even though …

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Transitions with Element 3D

Based on Greyscalegorilla.com’s tutorial for creating the Discovery Channel rebrand cube transition effect, I wanted to see if I could create the effect in After Effects with Element 3D.  In the end I had to model the cubes outside of After Effects but that was all.  All the mattes, specular, and ambient occlusion was done with …

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JEH Designs 2 Years old

JEH Designs is now 2 years old.  When I started the site I didn’t think I was going to have enough content to post, but I think I’ve proven myself wrong.  From personal projects to short films, Future Pro Wrestling trailers/matches, and logos for various things.  I’ve had something to put up on the site, and …

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Christmas Items

Christmas Cards and gifts available from JEH Designs Shop. Buy them HERE.  


Playing about with Denoiser II from RedGiant Software.

Playing about with Denoiser II from Red Giant Software. Trying out Denoiser II for the first time gives some impressive results.  Evan just applying the plug-in to the pic below without making any adjustments got rid of most of the noise. After applying Denoiser II I gave the pic a curves adjustment and added a …

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